it changes my thought...

"nampak je lawa, tp x berguna..
buat kemas je! tapi hampeh~"

yeah~ greetings..

bertemu lg kita dalam rancangan "handphonemu, handphoneku jua"
ya, tuan puan..
harini kita akan mempersoalkan atau membincangkan tentang kenyataan seorang penguna nokia yang katanya sendiri kurang berpuas hati dengan produk yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat tersebut.

Pengacara: Ya Encik adi, saya menerima maklum balas melalu blog encik tentang kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak cik tentang ketidakpuasan produk yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat nokia, iaitu Nokia N97. Benarkah saudara?

Mr. Ady: Yes, it's right! Thankfully, I'm one of the rare people who only had little issues with my N97. Well you can consider them little.. compared to the huge issues some people have. My phone's issues are:

1- Ring tone issue.. I set it to something but it changes back to the default Nokia tone

2- Low RAM free space... just about 40mb++ upon each of successful hard format, thus it leads to low perfomance when running multiple applications.

3- Low integrated gps reception, it takes long time to lock satelite coordinate.

3- Camera lens scratches... and the funny thing is, I contacted Nokia care via email.

Check out the hilarious response:

they must be kidding right? What kind of quality testing if the phone cover scratches itself?!

Dear Ady ,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

We sincerely regret to hear that you have been facing ongoing issues with your Nokia (N97)
and we apologize for the inconvenience cau

We wish to assure you that all Nokia products undergo a very thorough quality assurance program
with extensive research and development. Nokia maintains the most stringent quality controls
available so that we can confidently provide one of the most reliable products in the industry.
Hence, there are no generic faults with this or any other Nokia mobile phones.
Pengacara: sabar ya encik adi..
Mr. Ady: hurm, it's o.k. I'm already accept your apologize since before you was born.
Pengacara: =_='
Mr. Ady: After considering all factors, im already decided of
buying a new model of phone and of course it should be better than previous one. I'm targeting of buying N900 if and only if i have ex tra money/ budget of my ptptn loan scheme.
I'l stay supporting nokia's product though recently i have bad experience with it and all because of i'm still trusting Nokia than other phone brands. TQ
Haih~ ni la akibatnya terlalu obses dengan phone.
haha :)

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